Spirit-Filled Living

Love: The Hallmark of a Spirit – Centered Life


Love doesn’t choose who is worthy to love and who is not. Love loves simply because it can. It delights in loving and does so extravagantly. 

Jesus said that people would know we are His disciples by our love for one another.
(see John 13:35)

What does this life look like?cold-1284274_1280

Jesus is our example. He tells us we are to love others as He loves us, and the only way to do that is by spending time with Him everyday in prayer. When we spend time with someone we pick up on that person’s habits and mannerisms and the things we like show up into our own lives.  Jesus is all about loving people, so when we spend time with Him, our lives reflect His love for all of humanity.

So, what do we do if we clash with our person or he doesn’t know how to receive the love we are offering? What should we do in these situations?

Throughout the Gospels we see how Jesus chose to love the marginalized in society and restore them. What did Jesus see in them? He saw  with the heart and eyes of the Father. He saw the treasure inside of each person. He saw their needs. He prayed to the Father and listened to the solutions he gave. Then Jesus moved in the power of the Holy Spirit to address and solve those problems. He brought freedom. He  restored their dignity. He provided a hope and a future.

If our hearts are open and stayed on Jesus, He will show us how to reach out and bring His love into people’s lives. Then everyone, even those whom we are not yet accustomed to reach out to in love, will see and experience this great love of Jesus. Lives will touched and transformed.

My challenge to you is to seek out Jesus, the Lover of Souls, and ask Him to reveal to you someone who needs you to reach out to them in love and friendship. Then go and do what He says.





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