Love’s Legacy


One day when out shopping, I met love.
And I was drawn to her.
You see Love always captivates me.

That day Love was a radiant, dark-skinned, white-haired woman riding an electric shopping cart. How did I know Love was riding that cart? Even in an area where the economy has been depressed for a long time and hardship often shows on the faces of our people all the signs of real love were present. This little crowd of mothers, children, and teenagers surrounding her was lively, joyous, and full of laughter. Every person’s attention, even the smallest child’s was riveted on this beautiful woman.

Then one of the young men from the group looked around and became even more animated. He shouted to his friend in line ahead of me, ” This is her! This is the one was telling you about! You have to come over here and meet her!”

He startled me and the friend looked a little confused, since he couldn’t see into the aisle.  I thought I want to meet her! She’s amazing! Please let them get in this line.

The group got into our line. Yes! I felt an atmosphere of peace, unquestioned acceptance and love. I could only imagine what it would have been like growing up in her presence. Her posture, tone, and the kindness of her gestures showed that she was familiar with pouring love into people. I could see the effects in all the people who were with her. I mean, how many nineteen year old young men get that excited about a woman so many years his senior? The whole family was falling all over themselves to be close to her and they were all radiating to lesser degrees a similar love that came from her.

After introductions I learned that the young man was her grandson (great-grandson maybe?). I don’t remember much of our conversation, just how her example and that of her family captivated my heart. I thanked them for the love they so openly shared and told them how honored I was to experience their family. Somehow that day I became a part of her legacy.

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