Spirit-Filled Living

Fasting Update

At the end of the first week of this fast God spoke to my heart and told me I had sins I needed to confess. (I figured that was coming. 😉 ) His timing was perfect as that same evening at church we had praise and worship, Adoration, and Confession.  I wasn’t sure what sins I needed to confess, but as I stood in the Lord’s presence worshiping Him words like “fiercely independent”, “rebellious”, and “attitudes towards others” came to mind. Complete understanding of how these were acted out in my life came as each sin was named. There was no condemnation, just the grace to see where I was failing in love and how Jesus wanted to remedy each area.


During prayer after confessing my sins Jesus gave me these new words: surrender, humility, and obedience.  He also gave me definitions for these words that didn’t seem overbearing or scary and seemed easy to work with.


Here is what Jesus showed me:

To surrender simply means I am deciding to no longer fight with Jesus (a.k.a.preferring my ways over His). I agree to recognize His power is greater than mine. Because it is.

Humbling myself is acknowledging that His ways really are better than mine. All the time.

Lastly, obedience is simply wanting to take part in God’s ways of doing things and then doing them when He asks.

Seems pretty simple. (Not easy, just not as complicated as I thought.)

Totally changing my eating habits and being a little hungry all the time has been worth it.

Thank you, Jesus’, for your gentle teaching style in dealing with my sin and in restoring my heart more fully to Yours. Amen! 



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