Spirit-Filled Living

Living Coals

In the newly quiet stillness that comes only after an evening of engaging outdoor activity, I enjoyed the last moments of daylight in the glow of a waning campfire. The nearness of God’s Presence touched me and I embraced its silent invitation. I welcomed Him in the quiet twilight and as the night settles on the land, the Presence of God settled over me. Together He and I watched the graceful beauty of dancing, yellow flames trying to woo and consume a lone piece of wood that resisted the fire’s efforts, yet did nothing to hinder the flame. I stirred the pile with my stick and my eyes were drawn to the delicate beauty of the deep-red coals shimmering with the breath of the living fire they contained. Like a little child I wondered how the wood came to contain the fire instead of the other way around and marveled at how the two were no longer two, but one.

Jesus whispered into my spirit. “I Am the Fire; you are the wood.”


I looked back to the flames still actively working on the passive piece of wood. Two dancers, but only one joining in the dance. If fire was cold I could have lifted it off the wood. Or if it was solid, slid the wood out from its embrace.

I am the fire, you are the wood,” I repeated to myself wanting that to sink into my soul.

I felt conviction in my soul. Yes, I am like the passive wood, yet I sensed Jesus’ desire for my heart to become as a living coal containing the fire of His Love. The Lord drew my attention out of myself and back to the delicate beauty of the coals so that I might learn from them.

As I watched, the coals offered no such opportunity to be separated. Every bit of the coal was imbued with fire and radiated its properties. This fascinated me. It was like I’d never really seen coals before. They looked like deeply passionate hearts that held and radiated the Love of God.

I understood that this was God’s true invitation, not only to me, but to each of us, and to all of us together. He asks us to fully embrace His invitation to join in the dance and to allow the fire of His Spirit to consume us in the fire of His Love. He asks us to become His “Fire-bearers”.

With that realization the weight of His Presence lifted.
As I put out the fire, I knew my heart had been changed. It was now on the journey to becoming a Fire-bearer.






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