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The First Few Days of My Fast

Hello everyone! So, today is day 5 of the Daniel fast. Here is my experience with it so far.

DAY 1   Today went smoothly. I was a little hungry, but determined.

DAY 2  I was a bit tired today and thoughts of meats, cheeses, eggs, and breads filtered through my mind all day. My amazing husband helped me get through the day and asked if I wanted him to make stir fry for dinner. (Those of you who know my husband know how wonderful his stir fry is!) Such a huge blessing.


DAY 3  Still thinking about hamburgers, eggs, and cheese… oh, those cravings are loud today!

Jesus got my attention. He reminded me of the times He has shown up in my dreams or in internal visions. Without words He asked me why I don’t run to Him when I see Him. I felt Jesus’ expectation and then His sadness when I respond so casually toward Him. My heart was deeply convicted and repented at once. Jesus expects me to be more alive in my responses to Him. I don’t want to disappoint His expectations of me, especially in something so simple and basic to our relationship.

DAY 4   Those cravings have subsided some. I feel more alert and more creative, so I thought I should clean out the basement. A small section is almost done. I’m surprised how much there is to do! This is going to take a while.

Day 5   I’m really liking the way I feel today. (Maybe I’ll eat like this more often!) Today I finished the small section of the basement I started yesterday. (Yay!) How many months have I been trying to figure out how to better use this space? I’ve tried cleaning this section multiple times over the last few months but became overwhelmed. Today it was so simple to see what needed to be done!

Tonight I have a potluck. I’ll tell you soon how that goes!


Enjoy your life in the Lord!


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